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Not obvious what the red or green squares around a class icon mean

I mean I kinda figured out what green meant after a while, still don't know what red means

Dude09123 , 10.01.2014, 15:20
Response from the site administrator
tf2center, 23.01.2014
Some UI solutions still not yet fully implemented. Colored squares will be interactive. But anyway, this doesn't mean that you don't need to use your brains at all.
Idea status: scheduled


Grinffi, 11.01.2014, 09:57
If a limit is set for a class, let`s say 500 hours, then a green or red lined square around the class icon whether you meet that limit. Green means you've got the asked requirements, red means you don't.
So at our example, if you've got 400 hours of TF2, a red square will appear, if you've got 500 or more hours, it'll be green.
Grinffi, 11.01.2014, 09:58
Also, this isn't a bug, this should be marked as a question.
Alex, 18.01.2014, 08:03
He wasn't asking for an explanation. He was pointing out that the UI for these icons does not make their meaning obvious to the average user without reading the help section or just guessing. I think it would be beneficial if their meaning was more obvious than it currently is, so I agree with the OP.
tf2center, 23.01.2014, 20:22
Disagree. Practice shows us that it is conversely obvious for "average" user, but not for some few "retarded". Even this request points out to this - he figured out what green meant to be, while can't guess about red.
Alex, 09.02.2014, 04:36
You're calling me retarded because I couldn't tell the meaning of a square around a class icon? I mean really, that should be completely obvious to anyone, right? It only makes sense that if you're developing a new website, you want to make it as confusing and non-obvious as possible. Your logic is absolutely rock solid on this one. No doubt.

"while can't guess about red" - This supports my point, you inbred.

I can't decide what's harder to decipher - the meanings of the red and green squares or your 1st grade level English. Seeing as how you're a developer for this site, it's no wonder there are so many bugs.
Boobs, 09.02.2014, 05:02
You seem a little special. I don't think a square around an icon has any obvious meaning.

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