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insert a "suggested skill level" indicator

A small circle like the "mumble recommended or not" circle, that is green yellow or red. So if someone knows that is not very good, or wants to try a map or a class for the 1st time will go in green marked lobbies, and a good player that wants to play his main class in a well-knowed map will join a red marked lobby. This suggested skill level indicator is chosen by the lobby leader when the lobby is created, but doesn't create any real restriction: is the own player that choose if a red lobby will be good for him or not. But if he joins, he's expected to play very very well.

Tel'Zuhar , 29.12.2013, 13:34
Idea status: under consideration


Æsirson, 12.01.2014, 22:28
Or make div ranges on lobbies.
That would give it more of a mixes feel which was the original idea behind lobbies.
Tel'Zuhar, 13.01.2014, 16:46
True but 6 different skill ranges will add a lot of time to fill a lobby. Also there aren't so many div 1-2 players...
Æsirson, 14.01.2014, 15:04
I was thinking of it as a range, like pub-div4 lobbies or div4-2 lobbies.
juju, 20.01.2014, 13:03
Yeah this would be really cool... Like etf2l/ugc players who have played or plays in team lobbies! So no new players ruining your lobbies ^^

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