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Voting for auto report.

Hello, so I've been playing 6's yesterday and when I joined the server after lobby has started I noticed that I had no connection to item server, so I told everyone from my team to not report me as I'll quickly restart my Steam, it took me about 4 minutes or so but it was too late, the TF2Center reported me automatically, kicked from lobby page and I got 1 "Ragequit"...

So my suggestion would be to make such thing as if the player for some reason has not connected to the game or left the game at the beginning, for the TF2Center bot to wait 5 minutes and instead of auto reporting to ASK people on server if they want to report the player (4-5 votes) and if he went to mumble or said it on server before leaving not to report him, no one would vote and he would not lose his spot and get 1 additional "Ragequit".

Ohh and one more thing. If someone leaves and actually "Ragequits" during the fight and a player starts a sub vote by typing in for example !rep blu soldier and instead for vote to succeed other 4 players need to type in the same, make it so the bot asks if you want a sub so you only need to type in for example !yes or !no.

Mytag , 29.12.2013, 07:38
Idea status: under consideration


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