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Server location information

Hi, can we have some informations about server location ?
I'm EU and i play sometimes on NA lobby but i need to know if it's east coast (ping ok) or west coast (bad ping).

mohik, 12.11.2013, 12:39

A map that tells where the server is

For instants if there is a American lobby if you were to put your mouse over it, a map should pop up tell you if the server is in Chicago or California not just America or EU servers.

Ailun, 23.11.2013, 13:59
Idea status: scheduled


Oupa, 16.11.2013, 20:11
yeah i second this, server location is a must.
LAMF, 18.11.2013, 03:32
yess a must, what mohik says
Nurse Nejdii, 23.11.2013, 12:45
Yes this would be great! I like playing on us lobbies sometimes and knowing the server location would be great
mohik, 27.11.2013, 00:15
Or maybe just display the server ip on lobby page =]
joshuawn, 02.01.2014, 02:45
as someone who suffers horrible routing & needs to use a VPN to connect to most tf2 servers, this is an absolute must.
beezdul, 12.01.2014, 19:16
Or maybe GEOIP info on the server? That would be the best solution.
k3, 27.01.2014, 11:14
A js thingy pinging the server (a few times with an average or with a refresh button) would be much better than a map, since routing is usually a bigger problem over distance. I'm french and have a better routing with east coast servers than with german servers.

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